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tipurile de ecran de spectate folosite 

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pachet de live personalizat  

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How it's done?


Using a two live streams system, one live stream made by our team containing the spectating of the matches with a 15 minutes delay and the second one made by a streamer of your choice, broadcasting our stream with no delay, that creates the opportunity to interact in real time with the spectators active in the chat and to show the results of the matches in real time from the spectators point of view.

Our spectating is done using 4 accounts for the spectating and 2 accounts for observing and guidance (one global and the rest Korean accounts).

The graphic elements of the stream are done the day prior to the starting of the tournament.

We offer technical support to  the streamer you chose to use on setting up the stream to incorporate our live feed and match the graphic elements, so that the changes during the transmission  between our stream and the streamers leaderboards and match statistics looks the same for the viewer.